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AnthemVault's Proprietary Spot Pricing System (SPS)

Bell Average

The BellAverage price for any purchase or redemption of gold for any transaction is based on the BEST Buy/sELL as reflected by the BELL-average, AV’s proprietary Spot Pricing System[SPS].

The BELL-average is an average of all B-uy s-ELL rates from all AV counterparties in real-time. AV produces its BELL-average price 24/7 on each of it’s websites and for convenience of our customers it is also available on the mobile friendly: website.

AV derives it’s SPS branding of BELL-average from B = buy and ELL= sell.

For transactions occurring from Friday at 5:01 PM EST to Sunday at 6:29 PM, will reflect the internal liquidity provided by the AV market making operations.

Spot Price

The spot price is the current market price at which an asset is bought or sold for immediate payment and delivery. It is differentiated from the forward price or the futures price, which are prices at which an asset can be bought or sold for delivery in the future.